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Welcome to the
“Red-Tiger Bulldog”  Information center.
The Red-Tiger Bulldog Society is filled with excitement, as we are finally free to divulge pertinent information concerning this new millennium bulldog breed. This site will be an evolving informative platform for the Red-Tiger Bulldog and its evolution within the canine community. Registration information for the breed will be posted here in the near future. The R TB’s Leadership is geared up to provide each Red-Tiger owner with an innovative line of registration and archival services. We encourage you all to embrace this new-age bulldog breed of aesthetic nobility and be a part of this founding dispensation of The First and only! Red-Nosed “Breed” of bulldog in the History of the WORLD!!
Red-Mozaic Brindle Male 
Notice the contrasting inner leg and Jaw color.
Red-Tiger Bulldog Pups 2010 
Bred Naturally! &  Delivered Naturally!
Producing Consistent, Uniform and pure!  
The breed were Natural Breeding and great mothering instincts are the norm!