Official Red-Tiger bulldog
Breed Standard


Size; The male Red-Tiger Bulldog will typically reach heights of 22-26 inches and have an average weight of 75-110 pounds. The female Red-Tiger Bulldog will typically reach heights of 22-25 inches and have an average weight of 65-100 pounds. The Red-Tiger Bulldog is moderate in width, moderate in bone and moderate yet masculine and formidable in head type and size.



From your left to right
Red Cinnamon / Red Chocolate /  Red / Red Liver Shades of brindle!
Each variety-color of brindle is both
 pheomelanistitic / Amelanistic
with different shades of Red or Reddish Brown nosed!


 Coat;The Red-Tiger Bulldog only comes in Pheomelanin / Amelanistic skin and coat
colors of red and reddish brown. Red-Tiger Bulldogs do not produce specimens with gray/ blue or black coat hair; neither do Red-Tiger Bulldogs produce gray/blue or black skin.

Red-Tiger Bulldogs are Brindle!! 

They do not produce solid coat colors!!

The word “Tiger” in the breeds name is derived from the brindle tiger like striping in the Red-Tigers coat pattern. The” Red” portion of the breeds name is descriptive of the red or reddish brown skin and coat color, while the word “Bulldog” in their name Characterizes the heritage of the breed’s ancestral genetic composition. The Red-Tiger Bulldog should have a “Mantle” coat design, of at least 70% color and no more than 30% white. The color shall be brindle and white with a solid brindle body suite/blanket extending over the body; A brindle skull with white muzzle; a white blaze is preferred, but optional; A white collar is preferred; A white Chest is optional; White on the feet is preferred, white on part of the forelegs and hind legs is acceptable; A small white marking in the brindle body suite/blanket is acceptable, as is a break in the collar. The Red-Tiger Bulldog only comes in varying shades of red or reddish brown brindle, including, red brindle, chocolate brindle, liver brindle and cinnamon brindle.The Red-Tiger Bulldog is also known to exhibit a “Mosaic Brindlepattern within its phenotype, where two or more variations of brindle’s strive to express themselves in the same animal, causing one shade of brindle to inhabit the body suite/ blanket and yet another shade of brindle to cover the inner legs, underbelly and Jaw. Specimens of the red-brindle variation of the “Mosaic Brindle” coat pattern are the most highly valued.

The Red-Tiger Bulldog is confident and outgoing, always seeking to please. This breed is trustworthy, mild mannered and gentle with children. They are intelligent and discerning with a desire to under-gird his master even unto death. The confidence this breed carries in its eyes and the bold posture it showcases serves as a deterrent to any home, property or personal threat. The Red-Tiger Bulldog is always loyal to its family. Early socialization is needed to stifle the possibility of aggression with strange dogs and small vermin like animals.

The Red-Tiger Bulldog is outgoing and mild mannered, gentle and submissive to children. They get along well with familiar dogs and animals.Their strong prey drive leads them to chase rodents/ vermin naturally; this behavior can be stifled with early socialization and obedience training.They can be aloof with unannounced strangers as their watchdog prowess is expressed, but will calm right down with the reassurance of their master. Red-Tiger Bulldogs are very protective of their owners and their owner’s property and will under-gird them even unto Death!!

The Red-Tiger Bulldogs do well in city and rural areas, regular play time and exercise is a must. They are active dogs and love to have a physical outlet. Minimal grooming is required with this short slick coated breed, regular brushing and washing as needed will keep them show worthy. Regular walks will keep their nails at a healthy length.The Red-Tiger Bulldog requires a consistent puppy diet during the first year of growth, irregular feeding patterns, overfeeding, or lack of puppy nutrition can result in down pasterns and or knuckling over in the forelegs.

The Red-Tiger Bulldog needs a firm, consistent and confident owner.This Breed is intelligent and eager to please, yet can be stubborn and push for play time during training sessions. A brisk walk or short play break prior to training sessions tends to burn enough energy to curb this issue. Mild corrections and verbal prays tend to birth a positive response. Red-Tiger Bulldogs have a great memory and retain lessons quickly. It is imperative that the Red-Tiger Bulldog understands that the human pack members are all superior to him.

The Red-Tiger Bulldog is an endurance endowed breed, developed with a leaner and more athletic structure than common to most dogs of bulldog heritage. They have more than enough of everything while not over don or extreme in appearance. They are explosive, quick and agile, requiring generous amounts of off lead exercise.