Red-Tiger Bulldog
History / Origin
7 Month Female
@ 115 pounds this bed has become a
Red-Tiger Bulldogs for life!!
11 month old Male Pup /Notice the inner leg, chest and Jaw-color and how its different from the bodies main color….
That’s Called …..Mosaic Brindle!
Official Name of Breed: “Red-Tiger Bulldog”, 
Also affectionately called Red-Tigers or R TB’s for short!
The word “Tiger” in the breeds name is derived from the brindle tiger like striping in the Red-Tigers coat pattern. The” Red” portion of the breeds name is descriptive of the red or reddish brown skin and coat color, while the word “Bulldog” in their name Characterizes the heritage of the breed’s ancestral genetic composition. 
7 Month old Male Pup
{Country of Origin}: 
The Red-Tiger Bulldog was created by

 Rev. Scott L. Amos, Sr. and his son, Scott Amos II

 In the Central Indiana region of the United States, beginning in 1991.

 The Red-Tiger Cani Bull and the Red-Tiger Brachi Bull Bulldog Varieties,

 were registered with the State of Indiana on March 17, 2010 {File #2010-0115}.

The Red-Tiger Bulldog’s Breed, Breed Registry and Archive received the government’s principle registration {Serial #85002578} with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on January 1, 2011


“The First Red-Nosed {Breed} of Bulldog in the history of the world”.
While most other bulldog breeds exhibit traces of red-nosed specimens
as a less desirable trait within their black nosed breed standard. The
Amos’s have developed the Red-Tiger Bulldog to reproduce exclusively,
dogs of Pheomelanin / Amelanistic skin and coat colors of red or reddish brown
brindles only!
 The Red -Tiger Bulldog was developed from a foundation of red-nosed American Bulldogs owned and produced by Rev. Scott Amosalso known as “Scott Free” and his then world famous breeding program


                        “Free-Style American Bulldogs”

 In the late 90’s Rev. Amos infused Ca de Bou – Mallorquin bulldogs, Banter Bulldog and pure Old Southern White Bulldog genetics for out-cross vigor; This complex infusion allowed the Red-Tiger Bulldog strain to attain higher levels of health, refined structure; (allowing enhanced endurance), and a more cephalic head, Jaw and respiratory system; (which allowed clean breathing), rather than the historically poor respiratory system existing in most of the other bulldog breeds, which stemmed from the more common brachycephalic jaw and respiratory that bulldogs in general were founded from.

In the mid 2000’s The Amos’s added Levitt Bulldog and Southern bred mixed bred bulldog from Talladega, Huntsville and Birmingham Alabama to expand the genealogical stance of the RTB’s lineages. 
The RTB Breed is recognized by the Red-Tiger Bulldog Registry and Archive, The Canine bodybuilding Association, and the American Canidelogical Kennel Club.